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"Getting in Tune with Okara Imani"- NUVO

1.7.2020, Seth Johnson

'Indy songstress Okara Imani has a unique way of opening up her live shows. Rather than turning heads with a clever rhyme or catchy hook, she instead performs a song that’s completely a cappella titled “The Call.”'

Read the full conversation:

RTV6- Art&Soul Featured Artist Interview


Okara Imani Enchants Wonder- FAF Collective

6.14.2019, Ari Attacks

I sat with Indy artist, Okara before her set at The Gift of Gab showcase at State Street Pub and talked about her artist journey, and just how she weaves spells over her audience...:

Introducing HipHoperetta-Musical History Tours

7.28.2016, Harrison Center for the Arts

This summer, interns Sammie Brown and Okara Imani have been hard at work writing, recording and conducting Hip Hoperetta, a collection of musical history tours.




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