Okara Imani is a Daughter of the Moon, Libra, vocalist, and writer. She studied music classically for a bachelor's degree and has been raised under the influence of all manner of funk, jazz, alternative, and punk sounds. She is so grateful to hear and be heard by you, teach and be taught by you, to inspire and be inspired by you in the hopes that she may serve as your mouthpiece and mirror into self.

My mission as an artist is rooted in a continuously developing  understanding of myself, thus fostering a larger capacity for understanding and appreciating the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of my fellow human.  I've always felt an instinct to be a conduit for this expansion of perspective, this broadening of our world via acknowledgement of our shared humanity.

As such, I strive to fully and authentically express the self that I get to know in ways that are aurally and aesthetically beautiful and moving, so that those listening can tap into the freeing acknowledgement and acceptance of  our shared reality. Always, this is a reminder and assurance of our connectivity and the fallacy of being alone in your experiences of this world.

Seeing ourselves reflected in art forms is something that has impacted humans for centuries, and and I've been gifted with and honed a craft in the arts, my mission is to fulfill this small destiny for the incremental nourishment of the universe.