Okara Imani

Musician. Performer. Writer

Live Appearances

"Watch Out Wednesdays" at The Jazz Kitchen - 3/24/21 | 6:30

Joshua Thompson's "Standard Rep: Updating the Classical Playbook"
This fantastic series is curated by the one and only Valerie Phelps.

🎟 Get your tickets HERE while you still can! 

Unplugged by Fazle's Phases - 4/10/21

Lof-fi hiphop vibes, with liquid delights served up with an adult edge.


#indykeepscreating ~ Arts Council of Indianapolis

With so many of my community suffering cancelled gigs, closed places of work, major loss of income, some of us less savvy on the web have had to buck up and ask for help.

I wanted to humbly express, personally, overwhelming gratitude to Arts Council of Indianapolis and the  #indykeepscreating movement for the creative and financial support i received through the Indy Arts & Culture Emergency Relief Fund.

Amidst all the live gigs and paid programming that I'm missing out on at the moment, this has allowed me to breathe much easier and provided better chance at maintaining my fundamental bills and commitments.

I could never truly thank you all enough.

Much Love,

Okara Imani

Indy Arts & Culture Emergency Relief Fund:

Rolling applications for relief funds with artist history, information, and proof of cancelled gig/programming.

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